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Artificial Celebrity is out.

Local Superstars are in.

Kostüm is where Fashion, Art & Theater intersect.

Kostüm profiles costume culture and all its fabulous people.

Kostüm entertains and informs, empowering all to participate.


Costume Network is the ongoing media project of "Costume Jim" Glaser. Jim is the founder of the Kostume Kult arts collective and the founding Executive Director of Action Arts League - a non-profit association dedicated to the growth of participatory culture worldwide. Click here to see many of Jim's costume and art-cart creations


Costume Network documents the many corners of Participatory Culture. Long before Flickr or blogging, Costume Network became a place for thousands of costume event pics and blog-style e-zine articles. When this project began, costuming was mostly about Halloween-- Now, participatory arts events are everywhere offering all new ways for people to bond while discovering their inner artists.

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Leproprotesting the Saint Patricks Parade: Repressed costumers!.

Patty Protest

Alt.Oscar: Where YOU are the celebrity.

Alt.Oscar Warhols

Idiotarod: NYC's version of the Alaskan Iditarod- with shopping carts & costumes.



With over 50 articles dating back to 2000, we have explored many corners of participatory culture. Ranging from Halloween to street theater to live action gaming to costumed rampages, we cover all the fantastic folk who create & participate.

Included Within

A kult seeks a grail at the Mermaid Parade

The Chengwin Saga: A series of articles about the warring, halfbreed siblings Chengwin & Chunk. (more>>>)

Fire Island Invasion: Cherry Grove invades the Pines every 4th of July.